FREE – Writing Decimals in Expanded and Word Form

As an elementary special education teacher, I cannot tell you how infuriating it is that most books do not give students any scaffold on how to organize their writing of math problems. Students are forced to look at something and recreate it without any scaffold and have a hard time putting the numbers where they need to be.

That is why I started creating all of my color coded graphic organizers to help students write on here and then they can go on the book and write their answers easily!

Check out these Expanded and Word Form sheets I made up to Thousandths for students!

They have word form, expanded form with decimals and expanded form with fractions.

If you want to get the rest of my resources, you can join here and you can lock yourself in to only $15 to try! You will have access to so many resources like this that will help your students right away!

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