Joycat Educational Products Review by Teach with Mr. C

This product is review is for 3 more great products from Joycat! Joycat takes the time to create functional, beautiful and engaging toys for children. I love how students can learn from these toys and how they will help organize my classroom.

The first product is perfect for early finishers, indoor recess or any student who wants to try origami! This comes with 54 different patterns students can make. They also have step by step directions, but better yet, there is a QR code with a video link to explain how to complete each one.

These were a big hit with my kids! It is challenging but fun!


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Second, I received these dry erase pockets and they are perfect. They are perfect to save paper and have students write onto sheets without wasting them.

Also, I use a lot of color coded graphic organizers and these will be perfect for them. This way I do not need to print one for each use and it can be used again.

It comes with a whole set of 30 and rings to hang them up. They are really well made and erase easily.

Last, we did the CVC word building chart. This is amazing because it is compact and functional. Also, it comes with picture cards and the students build the words from the photos. It is great for helping students learn to spell CVC words.

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One extension I came up with is having my child’s toys order ice cream. Then, he has to get them the correct order. Another fun ideas is to combine the cubes and the ice cream to make patterns. 

These toys build a lot of skills for young learners which is why I am really excited about them. 

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