Joycat Educational Products Review by Teach with Mr. C

I am so excited to be partnering with Joycat! They specialize in engaging and fun educational toys for your students or children.  They sent me three products to try for early elementary students or my toddlers. 

First, we had this magnetic letter tracing box. This was so fun for my son and daughter. They love playing with it. It is well made. It has consonants in blue, vowels in red. It shows the children how to write the letter correctly. Also, it is double sided so there is uppercase and lowercase letters. 

It is also a risk free toy so they can’t really make a mistake and they can push the magnetic dots right down to start over. This is a great toy to help with fine motor skills, learning letters and early writing. 

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Second, I tried their number linking cubes. This kit builds number sense and give you plenty of different colored cubes to do different activities. Inside the box you get cubes, activity sheets and a dry erase marker. The kit introduces addition and subtraction as well as counting activities. My son enjoyed playing with the cubes and completing the activities. This would be perfect for an early elementary child during small group or independent time to follow along with the provided resource sheets. 

Third, I did the Joycat Ice Cream Counting Tub. This comes with so many scoops of different colored ice cream and each cone has a number on it. Students put the correct number of ice cream scoops on the cone. It goes from 1-10 and my children loved it. They are well made so my two year old was able to play with it easily as well. My son loves making orders for his toys as well.

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One extension I came up with is having my child’s toys order ice cream. Then, he has to get them the correct order. Another fun ideas is to combine the cubes and the ice cream to make patterns. 

These toys build a lot of skills for young learners which is why I am really excited about them. 

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