Resources for Live Class with Mr. C

Thank you so much for signing your child up to the live class! Here are some materials that your child will be able to use before, during and after the class! Please have your child complete the pretest as well!

Materials for the Class

All Materials in One Download

Skip Counting Chart with Tracing

Skip Counting Chart Blank

Songs for the Class

When you scan the QR code on the Multiplication Table, it will go to the YouTube for these songs and more!

Skip Count by 2 – Never Ever Getting Back Together

Skip Count by 3 – Anti Hero

Skip Count by 4 – Dance the Night

Skip Count by 5 – Mine

Skip Count by 6 – Style

Skip Count by 7 – Trouble

Skip Count by 8 – Shake it Off

Skip Count by 9 – Last Night

Skip Count by 11 – Ghost

Skip Count by 12 – Cruel Summer